Marché aux Poulet 12

Archipel cafe

Cozy brown bar in the heart of Brussels known for its improvised parties with DJs and/or live musicians. On Saturday they host Abstract INC. This quintet presents only self-written compositions, which constitutes an original and exclusive sound. On Sunday during aperture an eight-member band performs with a particular focus on each instrument.

Saturday 25 may 2019

Abstract INC #sax #jazz #contemporary
Joos Vandueren (tenor sax), Jon Sensmeier (alt sax), Leonard Steigerwald (piano), Machiel Heremans (guitar), Otto Kint (other), Daniel Jonkers (drums)

Sunday 26 may 2019

De la Cruz, De Vries, D'Haegeleer, Bourtenbourg, Heirman, Badet, Desmet, Latré #sax #guitar #bass
Gil De la Cruz (guitar), Thomas De Vries (guitar), Niels D'Haegeleer (bass), Basille Bourtenbourg (keyboard), Jan Heirman (drums), Matéo Badet (sax), Maarten Desmet (sax), Robbe Latré (trumpet)