Rue Des Pierres 8

Bonnefooi venue

Bonnefooi means 'by chance' in Brussels dialect. A place where you can randomly discover new music and people from all over the world. The place is a hot spot for night owls. Small Medium is a band consisting of members from all over the world. They combine influences of modern electro, jazz, soul, trip hop and dance music into an energizing performance. CheekypoNy consists of three young guys who love electronic music but do not like computers or DJ tables. The solution? Playing on acoustic instruments and one electric bass guitar while sounding like a DJ. Echt! is a German band that scored hits in the nineties with their album 'Freischwimmer'. On the stage of the Bonnefooi they turn back the clock.

Friday 24 may 2019

Small Medium #jazz #electro #soul #pop
Andre Breidlid (drums), Rebecca Driesmans (vocals), Hyung-Jin Lee (tenor sax), Louise Van den Heuvel (bass), Grant Meyer (keyboard)

Saturday 25 may 2019

Sunday 26 may 2019

Echt! #jazz #instrumental #electronic
Florent Jeunieaux (guitar), Federico Pecoraro (bass), Dorian Dumont (keyboard), Martin Méreau (drums)