Rue August Orts 14

Le Coq cafe

Brown pub with a nice mix of young and old, Flemish and French. Salty Peanuts takes its name from the famous song by Dizzy Gillespie and plays a DJ set on Friday. On Saturday there is the three-man band Ewelewel. Through contact mics, MIDI signals and other materials they manipulate each other's sound, combine forces and become one instrument. Up-and-coming talent Otto Kintet has performed at Brussels Jazz Weekend before and impressed with his one-man show.

Friday 24 may 2019

Salty Peanuts #world #afrobeat #dj
Salty Peanuts (other)

Saturday 25 may 2019

Ewelewel #experimental #jazz #acoustic #electro
Alan Van Rompuy (keyboard), Julian Vleminckx (drums), Tim Caramin (drums)

Sunday 26 may 2019

Otto Kintet #jazzrock #nujazz #power #crossover #bass
Otto Kint (bass), Martin Salemi (keyboard), Jeroen Capens (tenor sax), Daniel Jonkers (drums), Lukas Somers (guitar), Feat. Ciska Thomas (vocals)