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KFK hope cafe

KFK Hope is the new version of Café Kafka. KFK is a contraction of Kafka and with the word 'hope' they want to show that happiness can be found in the little things. Kafka 2.0 also focuses on live music. Given a carte blanche, Javier runs his own jazz marathon by inviting several artists and presenting different live recorded projects like Thalisma Project (flamenco/fusion) and Eurobeat Gamba (acid/electro). On Sunday night we conclude with Radja Ravi, a new collective from Ghent that brings you the sound of a new generation. The focus lies on groove, melody and improvisation while interplay is the center for their music.

Friday 24 may 2019

Saturday 25 may 2019

Thalisma Project ( #Flamenco-jazz) #flamenco #jazz #classical
Javier Mateos (flute), Miguel Sanchez (cajon), Bastien Jeunieaux (guitar), Romain Duyckaerts (percussion), Théo Zipper (bass)
Eurobeat Gamba (#acid-jazz, #MAO, #electro) #acidjazz #electro #trio
Javier Mateos (flute), Diego El Kinki (other), Quintin Meurisse (keyboard)

Sunday 26 may 2019

Javier Mateos et Amigos (#Brazilian-jazz, #Worldmusic, #trio) #jazz #world #trio
Javier Mateos (flute), Maxime Blesin (guitar), Diogo Ataide Dìas (bass)
Radja Ravi #jazz #groove #quartet
Frank Oliver James (keyboard), Werend van den bossche (alt sax), Thibaut Talpe (bass), Dajo Vlaeminckx (drums)