Rue de Vergnie 25

Theatre Marni venue

Ideally located in the city, the Marni has 3 scenes on a human scale, deploying a programming of jazz, dance, theater, exhibition and transversal festivals. It represents a significant anchor point for contemporary comedians, dancers, choreographers and the Belgian jazz sphere. We also meet circus artists and visual artists, a reflection of the growing openness between the performing arts and the buzzing Brussels art scene.

Saturday 25 may 2019

Ago Benin Brass + Ander Brass #brass #world #african
Jean Gnonlonfoun (percussion), J.B. Emmanuel Dedji (percussion), Napoléon A.R. Dedji (percussion), Luc Mishalle (sax), Pascale Rousseau (other), Eric Yovogan (trumpet), Celestin Ahissou Ellègue (trumpet), C.J. Ketonouho Zountegni (trumpet), Anicet Houngbo (trumpet)
Marockin' Brass #acoustic #world #jazz #jazz funk #instrumental
Luc Mishalle (s), Byron Wallen (tp), Rod Youngs (dr), Pascal Rousseau (voc), Jean Paul Estievenart (tp), Rida Stitou (perc), Driss Filali (perc), Abderahmane Bouhamidy (perc)
DJ Bushra #acoustic #world #jazz #jazz funk #instrumental
Bushra (other)