Rue Royale 120

Motel One Brussels hotel

Motel One Brussels is a beautiful hotel with an eye for design and comfy corners to lounge and enjoy the bar facilities. Near the cozy Vrijheidsplein/Place de la Liberté with café Caberdouche as a must visit. On Friday, composer and pianist Darius Clynes and his quartet join forces with the forever charming soul singer Sam Crane. On Saturday they perform again, this time a more intimate show with Darius behind the piano and Sam behind the mic. On Sunday, Margie's Dancing Quartet pays tribute to the swinging 1930s.

Friday 24 may 2019

Darius Clynes Quartet featuring Sam Crane #jazz #sax #vocal
Sam Crane (vocals), Darius Clynes (keyboard), Daniel Johnson (bass), Laurent Sprimont (sax)

Saturday 25 may 2019

Sam & Darius #jazz #piano #vocal
Darius Clynes (keyboard), Sam Crane (vocals)