24 may, 17:30Place du Luxembourg

PEENOISE#avantgarde #pop #electronic

Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy: keys, vocals, Cesar De Sutter- Pinoy: guitar, vocals, Titus De Sutter-Pinoy: drums

Growing up around theatre, the brothers Gilles, Cesar and Titus soon felt the urge to create. From a very young age they were experimenting with sound and vision. Although music has always been a main driving force for them. The result, Peenoise. The contrast between the minimal synths and experimental guitars that cut through the spatial arrangements creates a vulnerable yet deep and captivating sound. The dark, inviting music seems to continuously grow and move towards the depth, as if taking a walk through a night-time landscape, where time becomes a place between future and past; in the flux of now. The band’s mysterious avant-pop feels ominous, catastrophic, yet warm and infectious.

After a self-released EP in 2017, they felt inspired and driven towards recording their first full album. This resulted in a very promising and unsettling piece of art, expressing their part in a new generation of experimental Belgian musicians. Expected release date: early 2020.

In the meantime they are creating the outlines for their collective, called Forevergem (Peenoise, Bardo, Headwalking). The first project with the collective will be a pre-release tour of Peenoise, where they will play their new music in homes for the elderly.