25 may, 19:45Grand Place

SYM feat. NICOLAS KUMMERT & HERVÉ SAMB#jazz #dance #eclectic #african

Nicolas Kummert: tenor sax, Hervé Samb: guitar, Jean Prat: drums, Fatou Traore: dance, Yvan Bertrem: dance, Yipoon Chiem: dance

The symbiosis between virtuoso musicians with varied backgrounds and influences. The stunning interplay between sound and movement.

SYM is the joyful collaboration between Senegalese guitarist Hervé Samb and Belgian saxophonist Nicolas Kummert, bringing together their rich and eclectic musical universes, anchored in a shared passion for African music.

Backed by Jasper Van Hulten on drums, SYM brings a vibrant fusion of jazz, rock and global influences with a touch of electronics. This unique alchemy is energised and amplified by the electrifying moves of Fatou Traoré, Yvan Bertrem and Yipoon Chiem, generating a highly contagious collective energy.

KUMMERT is an incredibly versatile Belgian saxophone player and composer. His musical travels and openness provided him with a hyper-rich sound. He has played as a sideman with Pierre Van Dormael, Jef Neve, Viktor Lazlo, Alexi Tuomarila, but also Manu Di Bango, Keziah Jones and multiple hip hop and house DJ’s. As an artist signed to the british label Edition Records, he has also worked with Lionel Loueke and Jeff Ballard amongst others.

SAMB, born in Dakar, living in Paris, is the charismatic virtuoso guitarist that you may have heard by the sides of Amadou et Mariam, Pat Metheny, Lisa Simone, Salif Keita and many more… Whether he plays jazz, hip-hop or traditional Senegalese music, he never ceases to convince and captivate the crowds.

FATOU TRAORE is a renowned dancer and choreographer, thanks to her performances and choreographies for Alain Platel, Michèle Anne de Mey and Rosas amongst other. Here she will be accompanied by YVAN BERTREM and YIPOON CHIEM, dancers with multiple influences ranging from hip-hop to martial arts.