Off The Record
Brussels Jazz Weekend proudly presents: Off The Record! In this online video series, jazz aficionado Frederik Goossens highlights 12 must-listen jazz records. Always passionately presented and accompanied by the best stories, Off The Record is there for any music enthusiast, and not just the die-hard jazz fanatic.
#offtherecord   19 June 2020
Episode 3 | Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'échafaud
This time Frederik takes us to Paris, together with jazz legend Miles Davis. It was there he arranged the soundtrack for 'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud', a French movie starring Jeanne Moreau. Safe to say the music was better than the film - and it marked the beginning of modal jazz.
#offtherecord   12 June 2020
Episode 2 | Art Pepper meets The Rhythm Section
In this episode, Frederik talks about saxophonist Art Pepper and an unexpected day in the studio with jazz band The Rhythm Section. Art's horn had been stashed away in his closet for 6 months, since he was having another one of his 'druggy spells'. How it worked out? Better start listening!
#offtherecord   5 June 2020
Episode 1 | Bill Evans Trio - Sunday at the Village Vanguard
In this episode, Frederik talks about Bill Evans, Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, also known as the Bill Evans Trio. Let him take you with him to a Sunday at the Village Vanguard, where this amazing live album was recorded.