18:30   Grand Place - Grote Markt
VORTEX (Winner of XL-JAZZ contest 2017) #jazz #mainstream jazz #swing
Abel Jednak (as), Joos Vandueren (ts), Alan Van Rompuy (p), Soet Kempeneer (b), Olivier Penu (dr)

VORTEX is a Belgian/French jazz band formed in 2015 by trumpet player Aristide D'Agostino, saxophonist Abel Jednak, pianist Alan Van Rompuy, double bass player Emanuel Van Mieghem and drummer Olivier Penu.  ‚ÄčAll writing for the band, their compositions give them a lot of space to communicate in a direct and vivid manner.
It all begun on a rather pleasant summer's afternoon, back in 2015, as a cosy jam session in the living room of the pianist, something jazz musicians regularly do. From in the beginning everyone felt it: this combination works and we had to do something with it. Hence the birth of VORTEX. The peculiar but equally interesting fact is that the members all come from a completely different background, yet they all have their ears wide open to learn new things everyday.For this concert Joos Vandueren will join us on tenor saxophone and Soet Kempeneer will play double-bass.  The Band won the 1st Prize at the XL-JAZZ Contest 2017.