19:45   Grand Place - Grote Markt
Philip Catherine (g), Nicola Andrioli (p), Federico Pecoraro (b), Antoine Pierre (dr)

Philip Catherine has been on the forefront of the European jazz scene since the sixties and worked with great artists like Chet Baker, Stéphane Grappelli, Charlie Mingus and Dexter Gordon. His unique approach and sound, his dedication to music have been important and influential, and today he is a source of inspiration for many artists of the new generation.

Philip Catherine has played in the most prestigious concert halls, from the Berlin Philharmonic to the Carnegie Hall, from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to the Olympia and Salle Pleyel in Paris and the Palais des Beaux-Arts of Brussels. 

Born in London in 1942 and being from a musical family, he developed a musical ear from an early age.  When he was 18 he already toured Europe with Lou Bennett. With his recordings "September Man" and "Guitars" in the mid-seventies, jazz amateurs all over the world discovered not only a brilliant guitarist but also a talented composer: themes like "Homecomings" and "Nairam" have become famous.

He has also shown to have a great flair to find young talent. On his album "Coté Jardin" (2012) for example he presented a new quartet with great italian pianist Nicola Andrioli, young drum phenomenon Antoine Pierre and longstanding companion Philippe Aerts on bass.   

About the live-album "The String Project – Live in Brussels" which was release on ACT Music in 2015,  R.Garszczyński wrote in JazzPress : "This is one of the best jazz recordings with strings of all times."     In May 2016 Philip received the ECHO JAZZ AWARD 2016 'Best international guitarist' in Hamburg/Germany, with this album.

Philip Catherine celebrated his 75th Anniversary end 2017 with a sold out concert at Flagey Brussels,  in an exceptional line-up with two pianos and two drums : it resulted to be magic.  

WARNER Music released for the occasion a 5-CD Box on 24 November : the long awaited re-release of his early vinyl records 'September Man' and 'Guitars', the albums 'Babel' and 'End of August',  completed with an unedited solo recording by Radio Bremen of 1979 & 1982.   

Philip Catherine continues relentlessly and open-minded his search for renewal and perfection. The formulas with which he performs give him the rhythmic support and freedom to unfold his wide palette of musical styles, from that irresistible groovy rock sound to the broad lyrical phrases of which he is a master. 

- Downbeat :  « He is one of the most accomplished and rewarding guitarists now playing jazz. »   

- Le Monde, Francis Marmande :   « Philip Catherine doesn’t play music: he is music.  A lyricism that hits the unconscience. Music, music, sometimes with an air of simplicity that makes you believe nothing is easier than observe a photon in it’s course.  Great art. »