20:00   Place de la Chapelle - Kapellemarkt
Fulco Ottervanger (voc, keys), Frederik Segers (g), Joris Cool (b), Simon Segers (dr)

STADT is often mentioned as the best kept musical secret of Ghent. Their main interest is making music and that's what they have been doing for years. Each member of the band gained experience in numerous other bands, but the creative and productive vibe they share in STADT is hard to match.  Their music could best be described as 'krautpop'. STADT is not a production, but a band in search of creating an unheard sound of their own.

Stadt is a musical brew cooked by two driven brothers from Ghent Simon(drums) & Frederik(guitar) Segers. They grew up in a world loaded with music, dreaming of their own original sound. When they crossed the paths of the stray Dutchman Fulco and the solid Joris; they made a decision to go all the way and make their music top priority. Stadt is an organically changing, uncontrolled beast; a live band who’ve shared the stage so many times. There’s room for experiment and songs. Brand new and worn out go hand in hand, growing together.

They will release their debut album ‘Kind of diversion’ in October 2013. It mixes krautpoprock  with a small cloud of psychedelia and allows it to swell through the streets. You’ll be taken aback hearing Stadt, because behind that seemingly quiet city square lies a screeching boulevard full of traffic where sounds truly spring loose and burst open.