19:30   Place du Luxembourg - Luxemburgplein
Loris Tils (b), Igor Gehenot (Rhodes), Xavier bouillon (effects, synth), Alex Tassel (flh), Herve Letor (s), Domenico Ferlisi (dr)

Emerging project of the Belgian scene, Loris Tils, active bassist of the local scene between 2010 and 2017 (Mister Cover, Typh Barrow, Quentin mosimann, Monsieur dupont, ...) created his band “One Take”  in 2017. The project is based on improvisation marked by groove and funk music with jazz accents. The essence of the great names of the currents is preserved as an influence to truly bring the music to unique shores, hence the attention paid to the atmospheres of the pieces.

Surrounded by an original core formed by Patrick Dorcean (drums), Herve Letor (sax), Igor Gehenot (keyboards), Xavier Bouillon (Synths), the formation can be brought to evolve. The "super-group" adapts its interpretations according to the wind, desires and the public, but also according to the absences and musicians likely to be invited.

The first album, "One Take - Live at Thirty Three Towers" was released on February 1st  on bandcamp. The band now aims to record a maximum of live performances, so as to release other albums that capture the magic of another moment and experience the sounds through the guests and venues.