16:30   Place Fernand Cocq - Fernand Cocq Plein

The DJs of The Roots Corner Soundsystem meet their brother on decks Plughead aka Holy Mutant and deliver an eclectic mix of music from the grooviest side of the planet going from fresh Cumbia and psychedelic Arab beats unto wild Afro & Latino grooves.

The Roots Corner is a Brussels based crew & soundsystem counting 2 vinyl collectors, selectors and operators : Jah Piet and Léo. They met in 2005 through their common passions for reggae music and their will of organizing events and parties. They set up their firsts alternative musical events as organizers back in 2006. Along with the musical development of the crew and the permanent collection of records, Jah Piet and Léo soon began to build their own sound system. Specializing in the roots / reggae / dub movement, they integrate and represent this new Belgian effervescent scene, drawing its sources from the traditions of British and Jamaican sound systems. In 2013, their now classic Belgian Dub Community concept to promote belgian dub culture was born.   They now provide the sound in their events completely independently thanks to their custom heavyweight handcrafted sound system.  They shared the stage or provided support for artists such as Mad Professor, Prince Fatty, Brain Damage, Harrison Stafford (Groundation), Weeding Dub, Dj Vadim, Blood Shanti, etc.    Both passionate vinyl collectors, they will make an exception to their favorite genre for this special set at Bru Jazz WE by digging out their flycases for tropical pearls, Latin, Asian and Afro beats recovered during their travels and meetings as well as their personal musical journeys.
"Blessing dance-floors with vinyl-only afro-centric feel-good vibes."
Holy Mutant is a project of Greece-born, Brussels based, DJ and radio producer Stefanos Monastiridis, also known as Plughead. Stefanos started Djing 14 years ago in a small bar, in a small island of the Aegean sea. Since then he has performed almost everywhere; from low-key venues, self-organised raves, village squares, ancient monuments and beaches across Greece, to student dorms, house parties, street parties, squats, parks and theaters in Copenhagen and Brussels.   While facing music with a very open-mind, ready to incorporate anything in his typical all-night long sets, some interesting contrasts started to emerge. From, one side he kept opting for bass-heavy, experimental club music, while from the other for the warm and sunny grooves coming from the African continent and the diaspora.  This is how Holy Mutant was born. “Mutant” because a Greek guy playing African music in Belgium is a cultural mutation, one of those things that just happen in nature by accident. “Holy”, to always remember the spiritual, if not magic and healing force of music.  Proud member of Paranoise Radio family since 2011, you can listen to his selections (both as Holy Mutant and Plughead) live every second Thursday from 21:00 to 23:00 at www.paranoiseradio.com