17:00   Place Fernand Cocq - Fernand Cocq Plein
Nabou Claerhout (tb), Gijs Idema (g), Trui Amerlinck (b), Mathias Vercammen (dr)
NΔBOU is the project of trombonist Nabou Claerhout (1993).  After her studies at the art school of Brussels, she studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory 'Codarts' and Royal Academy of Music. The band consists of musicians which she met through the different big band projects they participated in. Mathias Vercammen (dr) and Trui Amerlinck (b) played together with her in the Ghent Youth Jazz Orchestra. Gijs Idema (g) she got to know through the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NL). The young jazz quartet mainly performs original work, but also plays compositions by musicians who inspire the quartet. They do this in a unique way. The result is a sound that does not try to hide its diverse influences.