21:30   Place Fernand Cocq - Fernand Cocq Plein
TIGRE BLANCO #calexico #americana #flamenco #gypsy #soul
Quintijn Lohman (voc, g), Katrien van de Camp (voc), Twan van Gerven (g), Martijn Maas (b), Hansz Deijnen (perc)

Tigre Blanco makes sweltering songs, where americana, film music, gypsy and soul are forming an alliance. Music that sounds like the soundtrack of a new ‘paella-western’ from Tarantino: dark gypsy soul with a raw twist. Tigre Blanco is compelling, grand and ominous. Tragedy is constantly lurking and you imagine yourself unmistakable in the thirsty environment of a smoky nightclub where you sell your soul to the devil. And so the wistful americana and typical calexico sounds are no longer reserved for sweaty Americans on the Mexican border!