21:45   Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains - De Nieuwe Graanmarkt
Junior Bokele (voc, g), Andrea Pesare (g), Brice Ninck (keys), Nathan Van Brande (b), Arthur Lonneux (dr)

Saudade is a band from Brussels, put together in April 2016. It has experienced several changes in its line-up before reaching its final form in Spring 2017. It is composed of a lead singer/ rhythm guitar player, a keyboard player, bassist, drummer and lead guitarist. Embracing various genre, the band seeks to reach one’s deeper feelings through the fusion of longing jazz instrumentals and soul rhythms with the accessibility of pop music. The name Saudade is inspired from the Portuguese concept which expresses a profound nostalgic dream-like emotion resonating good and bad old days but with a particular attention on cultivating the positiveness of it. A sort of voyage in one’s inner mind, Saudade tries to recreate this emotional roller-coaster where memories submerge you as much with blissful feelings as with intense sorrow. The band’s first EP “Flower and Dust”, released in January 2018, is tributary of this balancing stance, as it echoes this mingled wistful feeling with changing instrumentals, dreamy voice and narrative lyrics.