15:00   Busker Street
Cuà Street Band#latin
Michel Kazungu (tr), Françoise De Smet (tr), Carlos Nassar (s), Anja Rabemananjara (s), Zoé Van Der Vennet (s), Mehdi Delanoeije (Steel Pan), Mateo Sanchez (Peru), Chems Eddine Ariba (Dudup (bs Pan)

What's Cuà ? Cuà is "what?", or "so what?". Or at least, that's what it sounds like in French. So what about French? Do they sing? In French? Sometimes, but mostly, they play. What they play is something between blues- connected jazz and latin (or at least caribbean) music. Yes, it's some "in between" stuff, because Cuà is all about connections. It's about the intimate and complex relations between cultures. So don't ever tell them appropriation ain't appropriate. This is what the answer would sound like: Cuà?