29 may, 14:30 - Espace Toots, Rue Edouard Stuckens 125, 1140 Evere

Duo Gaitar #jazz #harmonica #guitar #toots

Rutger Mathys (harmonica), Marijn van der Linden (guitar)

Duo gaitar is a band consisting of Rutger Mathys (Ghent, BE) and Marijn van der Linden (Rotterdam, NL). In this project, their musical personalities meet and search for a way to expand existing boundaries and look for intersections in their playing. This causes an exciting journey that leads the listener through landscapes of colorful sounds, joyful melodies, and deafening silences. Rutger is currently studying the chromatic harmonica at the conservatory of Rotterdam where he's playing jazz, as well as tango and Latin music. Marijn graduated as a jazz guitar player in 2005.

Like Rutger, Marijn's musical personality goes way further than just jazz. Ever since his conservatory years, he is attracted to Brazilian music. This made him play cavaquinho and the acoustic seven-string guitar. A seven-string guitar has all the warm characteristics of a classical guitar but, thanks to the extra string, has also a lot of punch and grooviness that Brazilian music requires. In Duo Gaitar, they experiment with Latin and tango music, but also implement Rutger's musical roots, which lay in the world of the jazz, chanson and cabaret. The harmonica is a doorway to fresh, unexplored sounds inside those genres.

Their music is a celebration of the wonderful phenomenon: the love for the song.