28 may, 14:00 - De la place Sainte-Catherine à la Bourse

Krewe du Belge #brass #neworleans

Vanessa Tanghe (melodica), Christophe Mercier (trombone), Olivier Deleuze (tenor sax), Nico Sanchez (trumpet), Anaïs Levoir) (sousaphone), Tom Si bémol (percussion), Gauthier Lisein (percussion), Fabian Hidalgo (percussion), Charlie Degotte (percussion)

Krewe du Belge is a (self-proclaimed) Belgian Carnival company in New Orleans.

Formed after returning from a trip to New Orleans, Vanessa Tanghe and Christophe Mercier, its 2 main co-captains, decided to take inspiration from this unique city to promote its positive and inclusive way of creating culture. While applying its approach to social ties, solidarity and diversity, which it integrates into its Mardi Gras, its ''pleasure and social club'' and into each aspect of its community, festive and cultural life.