27 may, 19:45 - Grand Place

Aka Moon

Fabrizio Cassol (sax, compositions), Michel Hatzigeorgiou (bass), Stéphane Galland (drums)

At a time when we think that everything can be done with a snap of the fingers, when we favour the number of experiences over their quality, Aka Moon invites us to take the opposite view. To open up to the world. To meet. To be deeply curious.

With a solid base of three musicians Aka Moon has gone out to meet musicians around the world, on all continents. The albums that testify to this are the memories of their encounters, and cover these travels far greater than anyone could have captured on camera.

Thirty years ago, access to information was not as fluid as it is today, and Aka Moon anticipated, without being fully aware of it, what the world would become: a new era where all cultures are within reach and familiar — at least on a direct level.

It is clear that multiculturalism has become mainstream. At the beginning, these intersections were still to be imagined. Aka Moon conceived these connections through hard work, with many unknowns and risks. They first set out to discover different African and then Indian cultural veins, and the adventure never stopped: from the farthest to the closest, with trips back and forth and invitations.

They heralded an era when the need to know and relate to the other must be the result of thorough work. The quality of the process is as essential as the outcome.

Today, Aka Moon is a reference point that invites emancipation and courage, favouring the unexpected over the standard forms. Like a group with a variable constellation, it has never stopped inviting, discovering, evolving, innovating and daring.