27 may, 21:30 - Grand Place

NØ Steam #jazz #funk #hiphop

Jean Paul Steffens (trumpet), Hervé Letor (saxphone), Dominique Della Nave (trombone), DJ Odilon (turntables), Igor Gehenot( keys), Fabrizio Graceffa (guitar), Federico Pecoraro (bass), Michel Seba (percussions), Martin Méreau (drums)

Formed in 2022, NØ Steam is a Belgian group that mixes jazz, funk and hip-hop initiated by pianist Igor Gehenot and guitarist Fabrizio Graceffa who are the main composers of the repertoire.

Through a whole new set of compositions, the group plunges us into the fever of the electro-jazz period by mixing it with very contemporary influences.
The energy of the brass, the powerful groove of the rhythm section, the sound of the turntables of DJ Odilon, the bubbling improvisations and the meticulous arrangements make the identity of this group with a unique sound.