27 may, 13:00 - De la place Sainte-Catherine à la Bourse

En Fanfare

Raphaël D’Agostino (cornet, vocals), Sébastien Jadot (trombone), Sébastien Wallens (sousaphone), Jean-Michel Monart (percussions), Adrien Fortemps (percussions), Jean-François Foliez (clarinette)

En Fanfare takes over the whole city as a stage to share a musical moment with New Orleans sauce! Their musicians all grew up in the atmosphere of the Fanfares and the Harmonies of the villages of Wallonia. These folkloric marches and intoxicating carnival cadences of Entre Sambre et Meuse led them to play during marches, street improvisations as well as various famous commemorations.

It is later that they'll explore new horizons and it will be Louis Armstrong, ambassador of New Orleans music, who will introduce them to a new universe and allow us to develop their repertoire. En Fanfare is a clever mix of professionalism, love for music, cheerfulness and joie de vivre from home and the rhythms of New Orleans!