Sunday 30 May - 19:00
Ambassador: Veronica Campos
Municipality: Schaerbeek
Quetzal Quatro
Quetzal Quatro is one of the MetX Moving Combos that was formed in the summer of 2020 to create flexible, mobile and 100% corona proof pop-up performances. Veronica Campos (percussion), Israel Alonso (percussion, sax, guitar) and gnawa musicians Mohamed Saïd Akasri & Driss Filali (percussion) deliver a mesmerising cocktail of rousing Latin rhythms, Mexican swing and contemporary gnawa traditions.
Administration Communale de Schaerbeek
Place Colignon, 1030 Schaerbeek
With more than 133.000 inhabitants and 167 nationalities, Shaarbeek / Schaerbeek is an exceptionally diverse municipality. Here, you can spot the very first design of Victor Horta: the Autrique House. Stroll along the beautiful Louis Bertrandlaan / Avenue Louis Bertrand and the surrounding streets and discover facades by Horta, Strauven, Hemelsoet or Jacobs. You can relax in the beautiful Josaphat Park or soak up the culture in one of the museums and culture houses.