Sunday 30 May - 18:00
Ambassador: Benoît Vanderstraeten
Municipality: Evere
Benoît Vanderstraeten - Jacques Pirotton
Benoît Vanderstraeten started to play pop and rock on bass when he was only 16. After listening to Jaco Pastorius at age 19, he took up studying jazz and before long, he was playing with Belgian musicians such as Steve Houben, Jacques Pelzer and Mimi Verderamme. In 1985 he left for Los Angeles to learn more about improvisation. While there, he suffered a severe right-hand injury that resulted in his signature technique: playing bass with a pick. Since then, he has made a mark on collaborations both nationally and internationally and is now considered one of the finest electric bass jazz improvisers in Europe. On the balcony, he’ll be accompanied by guitarist Jacques Pirotton.
Espace Toots
Rue Edouard Stuckens 125, 1140 Evere
Evere has just celebrated its 900th anniversary. This green municipality is best known for growing turnip and afterwards chicory and for its brickmaking and mill. But there are many more things worth discovering. Did you know Evere has a beautiful performance hall, the auditorium Toots, named after the famous Belgian jazz musician?