Saturday 29 May - 14:00
Ambassador: Alexandre Cavaliere
Municipality: Uccle
Alexandre Cavaliere & Adrien Brogna
Alexandre Cavaliere grew up in a family of musicians. Already from a young age, he was introduced to a variety of instruments and music. This sparked an exceptional sense of rhythm that was further honed by studying violin and made Alexandre the musical improvisation talent he is today. Influenced by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, a touch of swing is a signature to his work.

Like Alexandre, Adrien Brogna started studying music when he was still young, resulting in him becoming one of the most talented guitar players in Belgium. Together they form a duo that brings their own compositions as well as Brazilian music.
Ecole d'Art d'Uccle
Rue Rouge 2, 1180 Uccle
The municipality of Ukkel / Uccle, located in the south of Brussels, was founded in 1795 under French rule. Its remarkable architectural heritage and the traces of a flourishing working-class past are still the witness of that today. Numerous green spaces, some of which are listed, make it one of the greenest municipalities in Brussels. Artists have always resided in these green surroundings and have played an active part in the town's history.